In our next article, we will see some special cases of consolation in español, okay? If that`s not what you wanted, you need to rewrite your question and post it again. If you have to, your question must be made understandable. Write in whole sentences with correct capital letters and small handwriting, spelling and punctuation. Remember that a sentence should only express one idea. Sentences should be complete, clear and concise, as short as possible. Remember that if, say, your younger brother or younger sister doesn`t know what you`re asking for, we won`t understand either. Concordancia is the harmonious combination of elements in a single sentence. There are two types of agreements (concordancia) in Spanish: the concordancia nominale (nominative agreement) and the concordancia verbale (verbal agreement). Let`s look at some rules for concordancia verbally. Sounds bad, doesn`t it? This is because the above parties do not correspond – or do not agree – with each other.

Agreement occurs when we relate or « approve » different parts of the speech. Congratulations – You have completed the grammar quiz: the Spanish adjective of gender correspondence. 1. If we have only one subject, the verb in number and person corresponds to this. In the following sentences, the subject is printed in bold. The English language is easy on this front, with minimal variations in verb conjugation and few sex nouns. However, as we saw above, sentences should match in verb and subject (go home) and plurality (this sentence(s)). For the more advanced – and even native Spanish speakers – certain phrases are reasons to hesitate. When using quantifiers (for example.B.

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